Fleetwood & District Choral Society
Choir members information

  • Summer concert.............................................Fri 29th June
  • Messiah..........................................................Sat Nov 17th 



To perform four or more choral concerts per year in the area.

To offer training in choral singing whilst exploring a wide repertoire of choral music and promoting the appreciation and enjoyment of singing.

To perform concerts which involve and promote the best possible soloists and orchestra within financial resources, including providing opportunities for new talent.

To explore ways of extending membership and reaching new audiences.

To raise funds to finance these activities from subscriptions, ticket sales, donations and other promotions. 




During our musical year we perform four concerts: 
April:     1
st main concert
June:    Summer concert
November:   2nd main concert 

December:    Carol service

Exact dates can always be found on the website.




Throughout the year rehearsals are on Fridays at 7.30 – 9.30 pm at Trinity Baptist Church, 206 Poulton Rd.  Fleetwood, FY7 7LB.

In order that rehearsals run smoothly and efficiently, choir members are respectfully reminded to remain silent while the conductor is practising with other vocal parts.

Always have a pencil to hand and mark your score when indicated by the Music Director.

The last rehearsal before a concert is held at the venue of the concert. 




All music required is provided by the choir. It is handed out by the librarians and must be returned in good condition to the librarians when requested.

Where music has to be hired a small charge will be required to cover the costs.







Black long skirt or trousers

Black shoes

Black top / blouse, ¾ or long sleeves      

Black handbag if used

No sparkly tops or sparkly jewellery

A pewter treble clef brooch will be handed out at the last rehearsal, and collected at the end of the concert. It is to be worn on the left hand side of our top. 




Black suits

White shirt

Black bow tie




The present subscription is £45 per term, payable September and January.  If paid by cheque, it is to be made out to Fleetwood and District Choral Society. Full time students are free.

Members are encouraged to sign a Gift Aid form if they currently pay Income Tax.




We hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year. We have an active Social Committee who are always open to new ideas for fundraising.

Gerontius newsletter

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Lucy Mair

Lucy Mair is well kown to the FDCS and has sung with us on a number of occasions She now has a CD available "Unquiet Heart" which can be purchased at 

 You can also follow her facebook page - www.facebook.com/lucymairsoprano